Monday, May 5, 2008

My first $54.62 USD online

Hello Everyone,

In previous post, I told u guy that I am acquiring knowledge on online business together with js and william ng. Now I had earned my first money online. WOW. Only a week time, I had earned $54.62 USD. Haha. Below is my clickbank account (my affiliate account).

Haha. It was so damn cool. Hehe I am the 1st one to earn money online among 3 of us. Now I am waiting to receive my 1st USD cheque. Haha

Towards success

Yuen Fatt


Js said...

I look forward to receive my first 50USD... but don't know when.

William Ng said...

Yeah, I am glad that you all apply what you have picked up within these couple of months. I feel that you all are hard working than me.

However, just a reminder to all of you, please do get yourself in mood to accept the new chapter of life in this coming few weeks because it will definitely going to be your career in life.

There was once said that a person should have "two guns" in your both hands before you step into the working environment, one is more like official work (your career) and another is your hobby.

People will definitely choose something that related to their hobby as it is more easier pick up and you will be aggressive to work on that particular field. However, there are unpredicted incidents which might happen and causing the gun to be malfunction.

To play safe, you should always have another gun to backup as to ensure your life would be guaranteed. So, don't neglected study! It might sound less attractive but it can guarantee your "rice bowl"!!!

kancHaNa said...

wow! wat bsness is dat? teach me.

any investment needed?